You need to read this! 5 ways to tell you have termites!

The top 5 ways to identify termite damage that every property owner should be on the lookout for!

It is much better to protect yourself from infestation rather than waiting for a disaster to happen. Termites cause millions of dollars of damage each year throughout Papua New Guinea and the most damaging termites are the subterranean termites as they make their way from the soil into our buildings.

Here are our top 5 ways of identifying if you have a termite problem!

1: Blisters in Wood

If you find your paint is bubbling or cracking on gyprock and painted timber in your property, this is a key sign that termites are present. Bubbling is caused when termites hollow out the surface underneath the paint.

Bubbles can be hard to spot in a dark room so be sure to open your windows or turn on a light to help you look for the imperfections in your paint.


2: Mud Tubes

Termites live underground and build tunnels to sources of food. Termites fill the gaps and cracks of places they are present in to stop predators from entering. Check for mud in cracks of skirting boards and timber like doorframes and windows.


3: Hollowed or Damaged Wood

If you tap on areas in the house that should be solid and you hear a hollow sound, this is a major sign that termites may have moved in. Termites eat timber, leaving it hollow and weak so be sure to knock carefully in suspect areas.


4: Evidence of Swarms

Swarmers are flying termites that have left the nest to find a mate and/or establish a new colony. They are most active after heavy rain showers and at night. You will often find them flying around light sources.


5: Termite Droppings

Termite droppings can be easily identified. These tiny granular mounds are left by termites after consuming wood and can vary in colour from light to dark and often have a powdery appearance.

Here at ProPest, we install effective termite protection systems that can protect your property.

A termite protection system will certainly cost less to prevent an infestation rather than treating one, and you’ll be thanking yourself for years to come that you have this installed when other properties around you are treating their termite damage and your property is termite-free.

Want to know more about how to prevent termites or have an expert inspect your property for termite damage? Contact our expert team today and we can take your termite treatment needs.


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