Why is Termite Barrier Treatment important for building structures?

Being a property or homeowner is a lifetime investment. Safeguarding a building from termites, especially subterranean termites, can be a challenging task.

The subterranean termites live in the soil and they build elaborate tunnels looking for potential entry points into the buildings.

To stay on top of termite infestations, you must consider a barrier treatment, either a physical barrier or a chemical barrier, to prevent termites from entering the building.

A physical barrier such as the renowned Kordon (chemically treated sheets of plastic), is installed during new construction or retrofitted to existing building to prevent termites from entering concealed areas.

A chemical barrier uses chemicals or termiticides to kill or repel termites. It is applied to the soil under or around the perimeter of the building.

Whichever barrier you choose, you should engaged a professional and accredited pest controller to undertake barrier treatment.

Here are 3 important reasons why termite barrier is important for building structures.

Damage to property and structure

When termites find their find into a building, they eat wood and other cellulose products like cardboard and paper. They will silently bring the building down or even destroy the structures before you even detect them.


The cost to repair any termite damage is left to the building or property owner. In most cases, the cost is very high so it is worth knowing how to prevent an infestation before it occurs. Termite prevention should begin before a building is constructed (pre-construction treatment), that is, the soil is chemically treated or a physical barrier installed before the slab placement. This will save you money from future termite infestation (post-construction treatment).


Termite damage is not covered by insurance because it is not sudden or accidental. Termite damage is considered preventable by way of regular and proper building maintenance.

Article by: 

Martina Gaunala
Supervisor Technical & Training

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