The top 5 ways to identify rodent damage in your house or business!

As the wet season fast approaches, rodents are beginning to seek shelter from the elements inside homes and businesses across Papua New Guinea. It is crucial to catch rats and mice before their populations grow.

Here are our top 5 ways of identifying if you have a rodent problem!

1. Chewed Cables

Rodents love to chew and they will gnaw on anything they can get their paws on. Rats and mice eat wires because their teeth are constantly growing. By chewing on wires they are able to keep their teeth in great condition.

2. Damage Item Packaging

Rodents are incredibly skilled at scavenging. They can easily gnaw through plastic, cardboard and even wood in their search for food. Because of this, you may find that rats and rodents are chewing your belongings.

3. Droppings

Rodent droppings are the most common sign of an infestation. Mice droppings are usually around 2mm in size with a dark brown colour. Rat droppings are very similar however are around 10mm in size and can vary in shape.

4. Entry Points

Rodents will gnaw small holes in thin walls, windowsills and other materials in order to gain entry. These entries can be rather small so be sure to take extra care when searching for them.

5. Nests

Rodents often use soft materials to make their nests. They will often use cardboard boxes, paper and fabric materials to construct their nests. Be sure to check in your ceilings, behind your fridge and cupboards as these are the ideal locations for a rodent nest. 

Here at ProPest, we install effective rodent protection systems that can protect your property.

A rodent protection system will certainly cost less to prevent an infestation rather than treating one, and you’ll be thanking yourself for years to come that you have this installed when other properties around you are treating their rodent damage and your property is rodent-free.

Want to know more about how to prevent rodents or have an expert inspect your property for rodent damage? Contact our expert team today and we can take your rodent treatment needs.

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