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About ProPest Control

Professional service provider in pest management treatments and fumigation backed with over 50+ years of collective industry experience!

ProPest Control Limited was incorporated on 22nd February 2008 and is a duly registered entity with the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) under the company’s act of the independent state of Papua New Guinea.

OUR AIM is to provide a quality level of service that consistently meets our customer’s needs and expectations, and in accordance with industry standards.

OUR GOAL is to give our customers a good, fair deal and never let profit centre conflicts get in our way of doing what is right for the customer.

Our Services

How we can help you

Pest Control Treatment

We carry out treatments to residential, commercial and industrial premises for pests including cockroaches, ants, rodents (mice & rats), fleas . . .

Window Tinting

We supply & install a wide range of film shades from dark to medium, light and silver for residential homes, offices, high rise buildings and boats including all vehicles makes and models.


Fumigation is a highly trained and specialized treatment process required by international countries quarantine agencies to protect their borders from the intrusion of destructive pests.


Hazardous materials are substances that can potentially pose a significant risk if not managed well. The risks come from substances like toxic chemicals, fuels, nuclear or biological wastes.

Termite Treatment

We use state of the art equipment such as thermal imaging and moisture meters, combined with our knowledge and experience.

Hygiene Services

Our ProSan’ sanitary services provide complete feminine hygiene disposal solutions. These sanitary bins allow for safe disposal in your wash room such as tampons and sanitary pads.


ProPest Control is now offering a powerful high-grade disinfection service to the general public that is designed to help you maintain the highest level of hygiene in your home, office and workplace.

Car security alarms

Upgrade protection to your vehicle with the premium anti-hijack car security Autowatch 279 Compact Alarm. Although this is the smallest alarm unit on the market do not be misled by its size.

News and Updates

Benefits of Menstrual Hygiene

Benefits of Menstrual Hygiene

In Papua New Guinea, the topic of menstruation is still a taboo, surrounded by myths and misconceptions. This restricts the freedom of women and...

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Season’s Greetings

Season’s Greetings

Season’s Greetings from all of us at ProPest Control. In warm appreciation of our successful yet challenging year in 2022, Team ProPest would like...

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