Do you know the signs of a termite problem?

Termites can live on your property months before being detected. Whether it’s drywood termites who burrow deep within wooden structures, or the subterranean termite, who are primarily found underground, both species can cause catastrophic damage! To help keep damage to a minimum, it’s crucial to understand the different warning signs for each termite.

Drywood Termite Signs

Drywood termites are the most common termite found in residential properties. They live within the wood on which they feed. As the termite colony consumes wood, they begin to burrow small mazes of tunnels within walls and furniture. The drywood termite often leaves small droppings that resemble wooden pallets where they have eaten or built their nest.

Subterranean Termite Signs

Subterranean termites build their colonies underground and will travel above ground to access food. They can enter homes and businesses through cracked, damaged or unsealed foundations. The Subterranean termite will also build tunnels from mud, faeces and their saliva to enter your property safely. If you find you find tunnels near your property, this can be a sign that subterranean termites have moved in!


Here at ProPest, we install effective termite protection systems that can protect your property.

A termite protection system will certainly cost less to prevent an infestation rather than treating one, and you’ll be thanking yourself for years to come that you have this installed when other properties around you are treating their termite damage and your property is termite-free.

Want to know more about how to prevent termites or have an expert inspect your property for termite damage? Contact our expert team today and we can take your termite treatment needs.

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