5 ways you can keep roaches away

Dealing with these pesky pests and looking for ways to prevent them from making a home in yours?

Cockroaches need shelter from the harsh conditions of winter. Unfortunately, that means they’re driven into your homes and workplaces.

Here are 5 ways you can keep roaches away in cold weather!

1. Thoroughly clean your spaces

Roaches are drawn towards dirt and food, so make sure to pay extra attention to spaces where food is prepared or eaten.

Thoroughly clean the insides of your kitchen appliances to make sure that no crumbs or smears are left behind for roaches to smell and feed on.

Regularly vacuum floors and rugs especially in these areas to keep food debris and dirt from building up and giving roaches a food source.

2. Tidy up

Roaches will nest in anything. To keep from giving them places to hide, put away any clutter lying around. This includes newspapers, clothes, empty boxes, and any other piles of clutter that may be built up.

Make sure everything is in its rightful place and that you aren’t leaving any loose items around.

3. Eliminate sources of water

Roaches need water and moisture to survive, so eliminating open water sources for them is important for keeping roaches away in cold weather.

Regularly make sure that there are no leaks in your pipes and repair them as soon as possible if you come across any. Seal up any water leaks on the ceilings and keep from leaving around standing water for long periods of time.

4. Refrain from leaving food around

Keep all your food tightly sealed in containers and never leave anything out overnight as roaches are most active at night. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink; make sure to wash them as soon as you can.

Never leave pet food out overnight either, if possible.

If you can, take out the trash every night to keep from attracting roaches with all the food waste and garbage.

5. Seal up windows and door frames

Another way to keep roaches away in cold weather is to make sure that windows and doors, especially ones that are on the outside of the house, are tightly sealed every night.

This is when cockroaches are likely to want to move indoors, so keep them out by double checking all your windows and doors each night and sealing any cracks that can let them in. For small holes and cracks, you can use caulk to seal them shut.

Remember that prevention is key when it comes to infestations, so keep these tips in mind when preparing your spaces for winter.

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