5 facts about pests in your home!

You may be surprised by what pests are getting into your home and why!

Pests can be a major issue for your home or business so it is important to know what to look out for and how it can affect you.


Bed bugs

Bed bugs are a huge problem for Papua New Guinea homes. They feed on human blood and are incredibly difficult to control. Bed bugs spread quickly so it is important to seek professional help to remove bed bugs from your home.



Cockroaches are always on the search for food! Because of this, they are often found in warm rooms such as your kitchen and regularly under or behind your stoves and fridges. Cockroaches can carry diseases that can make you very sick so it is important to get on top of them sooner rather than later.



Ants will enter your property in their search for food. Their nests are usually located on the exterior of your house and can be identified by small mounds of lightly powdered soil. However, it is not uncommon for ants to build nests in warm boxes or cupboards.



The common house mouse and rat is active all year round, actively searching for warm and quiet places to build their nests all while causing incredible amounts of damage to your property. They regularly gnaw on electrical cables which can create fire hazards!



1 in 5 Papua New Guiney homes will experience termite damage in their lifetime! Termites are one of the most destructive forces of nature with the average damage caused to homes and businesses between K5,000 – K10,000, even more! It is worth noting that most insurance policies won’t cover this type of damage, so it is best to act quickly to PROTECT YOUR HOME.


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