3 ways to improve your pest control results at work

If ants, cockroaches, and other bests are becoming a common occurrence in your office, it might be time for you and your staff to make some changes. Pests can be a huge problem for your business reputation and the health of your staff. Here are our 3 tips for keeping your workplace pest-free!

Keep your workplace clean!

A simple but often overlooked reason for pests is having a messy workplace. It’s not uncommon for workers to eat at their desks. Small spills from sticky or sugary drinks and foods are a beacon for pests. Unemptied bins also can lead to unwanted visitors so it is important to empty your trash on a regular basis.

Keep an eye out

If you see pests crawling across the floor take care of it right away and inspect your office for potential causes. It’s important to ensure that all staff know that it is their responsibility and not to ignore the problem. What might be a small issue now could lead to a costly disaster in the future.

Block entry points

Cracks and holes in walls, windows and doors are some of the entry points pest love as it gives them the freedom to search for food whenever they want. To make your office or establishment safe, healthy, and clean for everyone, make sure to block all entry points regardless of their size as pests will gnaw away at these holes to fit through.


Want to know more about how to prevent pests or have an expert inspect your property for pests? Contact our expert team today and we can take your pest treatment needs.

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