Our core services are in Pest Management & Fumigation. Carried out at residential, commercial and industrial premises for pests including cockroaches, ants, rodents (mice & rats), fleas, spiders (webbing & venomous), ticks, bed bugs, mosquitoes, weevils, wasps and bees.

What We Do

We provide professional services in pest management and fumigation backed with over 30 years of collective industry experience. We also provide additional services such as feminine hygiene services, installation of commercial and automotive tint and safety film, and automotive safety features. Contact us for a free initial inspection and quotation.

General Information

There is nothing more upsetting than a pest problem in your home. Whether you've got ants or cockroaches invading your kitchen, mice in you cupboard or spiders on the ceilings, you need them dealt with quickly, cleanly and efficiently. Pests and insects are a part of life and they can never be permanently eradicated.

We can discuss with you a pest management solution that will enable you to be in control of what is happening in your home using latest technologies, methods and mean to treat your infestation problems, ensuring that are not undesirable pests, no excessive residues and no adverse ecological effects.

We are committed to providing standard of excellence above the industry standards by meeting the demands of a rapidly changing market and exploring new procedures by participating with industry to ensure that best possible results are achieved at minimum cost. We maintain a great sense of loyalty, accountability and duty of care towards all our customers Big or Small.

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Pest Control & Fumigation

Pest Control Treatment
Carried out at residential, commercial and industrial premises for pests including cockroaches, ants, rodents (mice & rats), fleas, spiders (webbing & venomous), ticks, bed bugs, mosquitoes, weevils, wasps and bees.

Anti Termite Treatment
We carry out inspections and treatment specifically for subterranean termites commonly referred to as white ants and dry wood borer termites to residential, commercial & industrial premises.

Pre-Contruction Soil Treatment
We carry out pre construction soil treatment to under slab for new buildings. We are also accredited for the supply and installation of Kordon Termite Barrier which is used for pre construction treatments.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports
We carry out inspections and provide pre-purchase reports for first time home buyers to ensure that the property is pest free from threats and damages. Pre-purchase inspections (PPI's) are inspection's regularly ordered by prospective purchases for real estate buildings.

The purpose of a PPI is to identify if there is any termite or borer activity in a residence and what would be the approximate cost to repair, remedy or deter timber pest attack. This is a clause placed into the purchase contract so that final settlement prices can be negotiated prior to the purchase contract becoming "unconditional". PPI's are a regular service provided by professional pest management companies in countries such as South Africa, USA, Australia, some parts of Europe and many Asian countries.

The purchaser believes this provides them with a clearer picture of the actual timber pest history (or present) so that they can make a more "educated decision" when purchasing real estate. We provide prompt advise to interested parties regarding PPI's especially for real estate agents, developers or investors.

Fumigation of all commodities for exports & imports i.e. timber, coffee, cocoa, rubber, artifacts, handcrafts & personal effects.

Fumigation is a treatment required by most countries quarantine agencies to protect their borders from the intrusion of destructive pests. Fumigation is carried out for items and commodities such as timber, coffee, cocoa, rubber, artifacts, handicrafts and personal effects.

Certain countries apply strict quarantine measures for imports and exports resulting in standards and requirements being put in place by their quarantine monitoring authorities. The National Agriculture Quarantine Inspection Authority (NAQIA) of PNG is responsible for ensuring that all fumigation activities are carried and monitored out according to standards required by each country.

At Propest Control we provide fumigation services in line with these standards by ensuring that our servicemen are fully accredited with NAQIA. Contact us for competitive rates for both imports and exports.

Other Services

ProSan - Hygiene Services
'ProSan' sanitary services provide complete feminine hygiene disposal solutions. These sanitary bins allow for safe disposal in your wash room such as tampons and sanitary pads. Coupled with our discreet hygienic sanitary disposal services your customers, visitors and staff will feel comfortable. Each ProSan bin is fitted with a 'sanitized liner' which has a built-in fragrance. Each bin also has 'sani-sand' grains added providing all levels of bacteria and odor control.

We also supply and install "Automated Sanitary Bins" which are TOUCH FREE offering better hygiene for users and the washroom environment.

Window Tinting
We provide selective shades from dark, medium, light and silver for houses, offices, high rise buildings and boats and all types of automotives.

Bomb Blast Proof Film
We install 'Bomb Blast Proof Film' for offices, high rise buildings, houses and all types of automotives for safety and security measures.

Car Security Alarms & Central Locking Systems
Installed for all automotive makes and models for security measures.

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