Corporate Profile

John Bruce Vere

ProPest Control Limited was incorporated on 22nd February 2008 and is a duly registered entity with the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) under the company's act of the independent state of Papua New Guinea.

OUR AIM is to provide a quality level of service that consistently meets our customer's needs and expectations, and in accordance with industry standards.

Organizational procedures, standard operating procedures (SOP), and staff training ensure all activities are documented for customer benefits.

OUR GOAL is to give our customers a good, fair deal and never let profit center conflicts get in our way of doing what is right for the customer.

What We Do

We provide professional services in pest control treatments and fumigation backed with over 30 years of collective industry experience. We also provide additional services such as installation of commercial and automotive tint and safety film, automotive safety features, and hygiene services. Contact us for a free initial inspection and quotation.

Social Responsibility

We offer provisional discounted costs for Pest Control treatments for schools, churches and community based organizations.

Cheshire disAbility Services

Since 2010, we have been assisting the Cheshire disAbility Services by offering obligatory services covering general pest control on a regular basis.

Office Location

Office location:
Warehouse 4
Goroa Street
Section 59, Allotment 6
Gordons, NCD
(Further up from Coca Cola
& next to Steel Industries Ltd)

Key Personnel

John Bruce Vere
General Manager

Virgil Hani
Assistant General Manager

Titus Lama Geno
Manager - Operations

Shirley Karmi
Manager - Service & Support

Theodora Tura
Service Coordinator

Warasi Asiba
Supervisor - Sales & Operations

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